The Process

I am happy to try and help you in your garden in any way I can, I understand that everyone is unique and has different needs so above all just give me a call and we can discuss the service that best suits you.

I see every design opportunity as unique, and work closely with my clients to create stylish and functional solutions for their outdoor space. I pride myself on designing a garden for you, working in harmony with the landscape that surrounds you and the architecture local to you.

The details listed however, will give you some idea of how we can work. You can choose one or all of the services I offer, to whatever level you would like, to ensure your designs are unique and tailored to you and your lifestyle, whilst functional for your needs but also very beautiful.


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Consultation, Advice and Planting Plans


Usually the starting point is a consultation visit, where I will come out to visit you in your garden and discuss with you the process of designing your space.

The visit can however, be used as service of its own, to discuss ideas and obtain advice and will leave you with plenty of positive suggestions for ways to improve the garden. If you like, I can prepare a report about the visit to remind you what was suggested.


I am pleased to be able to offer planting plans as a service of its very own. This can be for a whole garden, a new border or even an established border in need of some changes. I find this service very rewarding, plants are my passion and it can make a huge difference to your garden instantly. Ideally, I will visit you in your garden and take a brief of what you are hoping to achieve but this can also be done remotely by email, telephone discussions and with the use photos.

I will discuss interest in the garden for all seasons with planting ideas for spring, summer autumn and winter and discuss colour, texture and movement within the planting.  A good planting design will stimulate your senses and create emotional responses like a great piece of music can in its rhythm, pace and structure, that is what I aim to achieve for you.

I will also discuss the topic of wildlife in your garden, to ensure we encourage and support biodiversity, and look at how we can work with the ever changing environment.

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Initial Consultation & Client Brief

In order to take the project further and move onto the next stage it is important for me to gain a solid brief for your garden design, it is important for me to understand what you want from your outdoor space, as well as get an understanding of your likes and dislikes. At this meeting I will discuss colour schemes, styles, tastes, materials and budget so that I am able to produce a garden design proposal that you will be delighted with.

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Site Survey & Analysis

I will provide accurate drawings for your garden design proposal, for this I will need a detailed topographical survey and an analysis of your site, informing me of land levels, location of services, aspect, and all site measurements, soil type, views and vistas  and features to keep, enhance, hide, remove and relocate.

The topographical survey is usually carried out by a land surveyor and if you need me to, I can recommend a surveyor for you.

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Design Proposal

In this creative stage I will use form, shape and colour to best advantage as well as paying particular attention to the hard landscaping materials such as paving, fencing, sculpture, planters or structures.

At this stage I will produce the concept and design ideas and draw, by hand, the plans and drawings to give a real and organic impression of our proposals. Plans will be drawn to scale from the survey and the information you have given to me when we took your brief. This is the exciting bit, where you get an idea of what your new garden will look like. I can also contract out to a specialist the imputing of those designs onto the computer, if you would prefer a computer aided drawing, who will have the skills to produce this quickly and effectively for you.

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Construction Detailing

Once you have accepted the garden design proposal detailed drawings are completed, again by hand, specifications and approximate costs are produced in order for me to ensure that the garden is built as outlined within your design proposal.

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Planting Plans & Schedules

Every plant is chosen to suit your preferences and the conditions in the garden. It is important that plants complement the garden, its situation, surrounding factors and the materials used in the construction of the garden as well as looking good together.

Planting plans can be offered, produced and presented in colour including all individual plant names and locations. Schedules can be produced listing plants, quantities and sizes, which are used for sourcing and pricin

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Construction & Project Monitoring

I am extremely pleased to be able to offer you a varied option of specialist landscape contractors all members of the APL, Association of Professional Landscapers, if you would like me to. They will be able to source materials, construct and build the design. I will aid them on site and monitor the work to ensure that the garden I have proposed is built in line with the design, to the correct specifications and standards and with the vision you and I had intended from the outset.

This service ensures you experience minimal stress and hassle, as both the contractors and I take on every aspect of constructing and monitoring the build.

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I manage your plant deliveries and count in and check the quality of the plants. I then set them out according to the planting plan and organise the planting for you.

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We would love to hear from you about how we can help with your garden design or landscaping project. To book an initial design consultation or discuss a landscaping project please drop us an email, give us a call or use the contact form below.

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